Black Anodised


Black Anodised Aluminium
Black anodised aluminium provides a classic matt black surface finish.

Matt etched:
The basic and traditional anodising finish is matt etched. A matt etch is the acid etching process that is primarily used to clean the surface of the aluminium of impurities before it goes into the electrolysis tanks. This creates a matt finish layer while keeping a high surface flatness (Ra value) and associated reflectivity. Anodising is a 'live' surface as it looks a completely different colour depending on both the ambiant light conditions and the angle of incidence it is viewed from. Compared to other more traditional powder coating or PVDF painted finishes there is no pigment creating the colours. The "colour" is created via refraction of the light.

Brushed Anodised aluminium:
This has a brushing effect in the surface of the aluminium. Brushing is a form of polishing and increases the reflectivity of the surface. The brushing lines acceptuate the refracted colours of the anodised aluminium. This creates a more visually interesting finish. This finish was developed for the imitation brushed stainless steel market. Unlike your traditional roller brushed finish, this have been formed into the material. This means that when the sheet is anodised the complex open pore honey combe strucutre of the aluminium has not been removed by the brushing. This allows for a consistant anodic finish ot be created.
It is possibly for AnoAli to offer brushed finish into supplied mill finish aluminium extrusions to match our sheet offering.

Polished anodised aluminium not not a mirror reflectvie surface. There is a conflict between having a hightly reflective surface and simply seeing a perfect reflection of the building behind the viewer. Anodised polished aluminium provides a compromise; Soft architectural reflectivity without the clinical exact reflections. The aluminium is polished. Tightly controlled limits on the etching must be observed to prevent the polished finish being removed.

Black Anodised Example Projects

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