Seymour Place

OneTwentyFour Marylebone - Seymour Place - Anodised Aluminium Cladding

This development features 12 luxury new apartments. These benefit from both the residential leafy street that is Seymour Place and the prestigious central prime location.

The building compliments the best classical architecture of Marylebone Village from the front, with Welsh slate and Portland stone façade. From the back, bronze anodised aluminium cladding is used. This provides the residents with greater amenity in their luxury flats, looking east over the London skyline. The architects Darling Associates are known for their fluid use of high end architectural materials combining bronze anodising with glass and steel.

This cladding is in 3mm J57S aluminium anodised to Medium Bronze. The 25 micron anodic finish offers an expected lifetime over 75 years (on the finish). The bronze anodised colour chosen is one of the darker tones in the bronze range. There is still considerable differences in colour and tone depending on the angle of incidence and ambient light levels. This is fitted with an invisible fix hook on system in front of the insulation and DPM (damp proof membrane). This system allows for the thermal expansion of the aluminium without causing deflection in the panel. Also with a manual fix on the top of each sheet there is no possibility of panel delamination seen on some bonded systems. Should any panels be damaged the panels have the ability to be individually removed for replacement or repair.

NES Architectural brought their specialist expertise of 30 years façade engineering to this project. This allowed the lead contractor Merchant Land to place the design, manufacture and installation of this challenging and critical external element with NES for a turn-key solution.

Project Details:
Architect: Darling Associates
Client: Merchant Land
Date: Completion 2016
Scope: 200 sq. m bronze anodised aluminium cladding

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